Ecological cotton bags Standard

Bavlnená taška krátke uši

The most popular and the cheapest type of cotton bags from our selection is made of cotton fabric without any coloring whatsoever. In case you really mean your ecological stance, these 100% ecological bags will be the best choice for you. Dyed bags are available as well. Moreover, based on customer’s demands, we will create an order of bags of any dimensions starting from 100 pcs (from one model, dimension and color). Customer can choose either bags made in Asia or, for the more demanding people, bags sewn from cotton made in EU.

Bags from European cotton are sewn from smooth cotton of grammage equaling 145 g/m2, from cotton keper in grammages 210 g/m2, 260 g/m2 and 280 g/m2 or from a cotton canvas of 250 g/m2 and 310 g/m2 grammage.


  • 100% natural cotton
  • Dyed cotton

Print (on a manufactured bag)

  • by direct color printing
  • by CMYK system

Printing possible prior to sewing. Applicable solely for bags made of EU cotton.

Handles (cottony, hardened)

  • Short: 2 x 33 x 2,5 cm EÚ, 2x 35 x 2,5 cm
  • Long: 2 x 63 x 2,5 cm EÚ, 2x 68-70 x 2,5 cm

Possibility to choose from various color combinations of bags and handles. Combine your own colors! Applicable only for bags made of EU cotton.

Available dimensions

Width (cm) Height (cm)
38 42
38 41 (EÚ)

Information, images and description of each material type can be found on the informational page of Custom production.

Available colors and grammages

140 g/m2

BielaNaturalZelenáOranžováŽltáČervenáAzúrová modráNámornícka modráČierna

145 g/m2 smooth (EU)

BielaNaturalŽltáOranžováČervenáSiváSvetlá holubia siváBéžováTyrkysováAzúrová modráReflexná modráNámornícka modráOlivováLimetkováSvetlá trávová zelenáTmavá fľašková zelenáRužová magentaLevandulováHnedáČierna

210 g/m2 keper (EU)


 250 g/m2  canvas (EU)

BielaNaturalŽltáČervenáSiváSvetlá holubia siváModráNámornícka modráLimetkováRužováČierna

260 g/m2 keper (EU)

NaturalŽltáSvetlá holubia siváBéžováKávováTyrkysováModráOlivováLimetkováKhakiRužováBordová

280 g/m2 keper (EU)

BielaNaturalŽltáOranžováČervenáReflexná modráNámornícka modráMorská zelenáTmavá siváČierna

310 g/m2 canvas (EU)



We will happily prepare for you the price offer after filling in the demand form which is located below.

In case you are interested in custom dimensions for bags, please choose from 145 g grammage and above.

Demand form for Cotton bags Standard

100 pcs
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If you have a graphic design of your print ready, you can send it to us via e-mail on this address: The sent print will help us calculate the price more accurately.