Custom production of ecological shopping bags

Custom production of cotton shopping bags with our company will allow you to create your own custom bag design. Apart from the design, you can also choose what material the bags will be sewn from, what dimensions, length and width of the handles it will have as well as further additional options. Minimum order amount is 100 pcs of a model or a print design.


  • Cotton smooth 145 g (natural or dyed)
  • Keper cotton 210, 260 a 280 g (natural or dyed)
  • Cotton canvas 250 a 310 g (natural or dyed)

Materials are available in various grammages based on the actual offer.

Bavlna 145 g/m2 hladká

SMOOTH structure of cotton of 145 g/mgrammage

natural and dyed

Bavlna 210, 260, 280g/m2 keper

Structure of KEPER cotton of 210, 260 and 280 g/m2

natural and dyed

Bavlna 250, 310g/m2 plátno

Structure of cotton CANVAS of 250 a 310 g/m2 grammage

natural and dyed


In addition to the standard lengths listed on the pages, it is possible to sew any lengths and widths of handles as desired. With the possibility of choosing various color combinations of bags and handles, you can create a bag with colors that fit your company’s logo.

  • Short handles
  • Longer handles for shoulders
  • Cotton handles with the possibility of color combinations
  • Polypropylene straps based on the actual offer and availability

Straps are suitable for higher cotton grammages.

Methods of sewing the handles

  • Handles sewn into the inner edge of the bag
  • Handles sewn into the outer side of the bag
  • Handles sewn into the sides of the bag
  • Handles sewn over the entire length of the sides to the bottom of the bag

Labels with care symbols

  • Sewn under the top inner edge
  • Sewn from the side (either right or left side)
  • Possibility to pick black-on-white or white-on-black text and background

White colors are suitable for natural and white cotton. Black colors for dyed cotton bags.


  • via ecological water-based dyes
  • via colors with a slight „plastic effect“
  • for A4 format
  • above the A4 format
  • to the bag edges before sewing the bags

Golden and silver colors also available. Print with up to 10 colors in PANTONE®, depending on the chosen type of cotton material.


  • Embroidery size up to 30×30 cm
  • Maximum of 12 colors

Since the price of the embroidery depends on the total number of stitches, we cannot precalculate the price if we haven‘t received the graphics beforehand. It is therefore necessary for you to send us the graphics along with your demand.

For more information on printing and embroidery, visit the Printing techniques subpage.

For submitting demands for offer processions, please use the demand forms which can be found next to individual bag models.