Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Where should I throw away my biodegradable bag?

When it comes to biodegradable plastic bags, you have two choices:

  • if you throw away your biodegradable plastic bag into mixed waste, the plastic bag will decompose at the landfill
  • if you decide to recycle it with other plastics, the bag will end up being recycled while the resulting mix of the recycled mixture loses its ability to decompose

Is there a difference in quality between classic LDPE bags and biologically degradable bags?

Not at all! When compared with the classic plastic bags made from polyethylene, you won’t spot a difference in the properties of the bag nor in the quality of the print. Bags can be reused until they become torn.

How long does it take for the biodegradable bags to start decompose?

Biodegradable bags start to decompose after 18 months. The time it takes for a bag to decompose depends on the type and the thickness of the foil used.

What factors affect the time it takes for a biodegradable bag to decompose?

The time it takes a bag to decompose depends on various factors, such as humidity, UV radiation, air temperature as well as the presence of microorganisms.

How to properly store a biodegradable plastic bag?

We recommend storing biodegradable plastic bags in a dry and dark place.

Are fees for recycling included in the cost of plastic bags?

Indeed. Our company fulfills all obligations under the waste and packaging Act through an authorized organization.

Is it possible to recycle biodegradable bags?

According to a renowned research laboratory RAPRA it is possible to recycle oxo-biodegradable packages as much as any other plastic materials that do not contain additives. Further information about recycling biodegradable plastics with d2w additive can be found at the company site Symphony.