Ecological paper bags

Paper bags are intended mainly for the more demanding customers. Bags are made with twisted paper handles or with cotton or polyester laces. Functionality and sturdier look of the bags is ensured by strengthened bottom and top of such bags.

Daily, tons of plastic litter appear on the streets. Decomposition of a classic plastic takes 300 years at the very least. Such a length is too high for the landfills. Ecological paper bags we manufacture are made of ecological kraft paper of either brown or white color. This paper is either from a primary resource or from a recycled paper and is easily decomposable.
There are several types of ecological paper bags to choose from, as well as paper bags for wine. Depending on the model, there are various sizes of a model available. Strong handles ensure firmness of the bags even with heavier content. Paper bags are manufactured either by a modern flexography starting from 3000 pcs. For printing on paper bags, you can prepare graphics with the possibility of print with up to 6 colors or a full-color printing in the CMYK system.

Paper bags offer

Papierová taška Kraft Classic

Paper bags Kraft Classic

Papierová taška Kraft Premium

Paper bags Kraft Premium

Papierová taška Kraft Premium Eco

Paper bags Kraft Premium Eco

Papierová taška Kraft Shopping

Paper bags Kraft Shopping

Papierová taška na víno

Paper bags for wine

Vianočné tašky

Paper Christmas bags