Business conditions

Business conditions

Registration at the website

The subject of our offer is to ensure the supply of promotional bags mainly to business customers with an assigned and valid TIN number, located in the business register. Before the first order, it is required to register at the website and every account is firstly approved by the business department. We do not realize supplies of goods to private individuals, therefore we reserve the right to reject the registration of the said private individuals.

General provisions

The subject of a contract of sale (further only as “contract”) is a supply of goods or services (further only as “goods”).

  1. The supplier of the goods is artio Ltd. company, Tomášovská 121/38, 053 11 Smižany (further only as “supplier”), registered in the business register of the district court Košice I Section: Ltd, insertion number 24410/V.
  2. A customer is a legal or a natural person interested in the supply of goods produced by our company.

Vendor billing information

TIN: 44 984 812

VATIN: 2022894192

VAT ID: SK2022894192

Bank contact: Fio banka, PLC., branch of a foreign bank

Account number: 2901207665/8330 | IBAN: SK8483300000002901207665 | SWIFT: FIOZSKBAXXX


Order of goods must be delivered in a written form, by an e-mail or personally at the supplier’s address. The supplier undertakes to confirm the acceptance of the order in the form of an order confirmation, while accepting the order and therefore entering a binding purchase contract, or respectively, that the supplier rejects the order. The order sent by the sender is binding until the supplier’s statement. The order must contain all the necessary elements for billing. By sending an order, the buyer agrees with these “Business conditions”.


Price of the goods or services is managed by a price list which can be issued on request, unless otherwise agreed in a written form. In specific cases, the binding calculation is readied by the supplier based on a concrete submission (cargo, goods, print, colors, etc.). By placing an order, the buyer acknowledges the price of the order subject. The price of the goods does not include the cost of transporting the goods to the buyer. These will be billed on the invoice separately. The supplies does not charge for packing. The supplier reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. This does not apply to orders already confirmed. All prices listed in the price list, respectively in the offers are listed without VAT.

Prints and corrections

In the case of printing and based on the order, the supplier will send the design/visual of the printing to the customer. The buyer, by sending a signed proof-sheet, agrees with printing a motive exactly according to the design. Nothing else will be added, removed or changed. By a written agreement, the buyer in this form confirms and assumes responsibility for the correctness of the graphic adjustments, grammatical corrections and coloring of the printed motive independently from the original documentation. In case of any further uncertainties, it is necessary to discuss found irregularities.

Delivery time

Delivery time is dependent on the amount, the type of goods, the type of print and other factors. The standard time stands at around 3 weeks from receiving the order and all the required documents required for the print, respectively from agreeing on the latest correction. The delivery time is further dependent on the actual stock status of the particular goods. The binding delivery date can be agreed upon based on the concrete order at the time of ordering. The delivery period starts at the day of accepting the order, receiving the advance payment and approval of full print documentation.

Terms of payment

The purchase price will be paid by the buyer in the following ways:

  1. payment in cash upon receiving the goods personally or on delivery,
  2. payment by a bank transfer order in advance, on the basis of “proforma” invoice (sent by us via e-mail).

The seller is entitled to charge for partial fulfillment and thus buyer is obliged to pay the amount charged. Failing to pay the full price/to receive the goods within the agreed time limit is considered a substantial breach of contract. In case of a delay with the payment, the supplier is entitled to charge the client a penalty, which amounts to 0,05% of the total price of the order, for each day passed. The goods become buyer’s property only after the goods are fully paid for.

Transport of goods

We deliver goods within the entire Slovak Republic via courier service. Shipping cost is based on the weight and volume and is dependent on the pricelist of the courier. The shipping cost is billed separately and is included with insurance for the transported goods, we do not charge for packaging. Liability for any damage to goods is passed on to the buyer the moment he accepts the goods personally from the seller, or giving the goods to the first courier for the transportation  of goods to the buyer. Any damage to goods incurred during shipping has no effect on the buyer‘s responsibility to pay the purchase price.


The goods are safely packed within a box and is sealed with a tape. When the goods are accepted, the buyer is obliged to check the physical integrity and completeness of the goods delivered and confirm on the shipping list. If the delivery is visibly damaged or destroyed, the buyer is obliged, without accepting the delivered goods, to contact the seller. We also recommend to write a report on the damage/incompleteness of the goods delivered. Any later reclamations about numbers or physical damage caused to the goods will not be accepted.


Responsibility of the seller for defects in goods is governed by the privisions of the Commercial Code. The seller loses this responsibility if the buyer does not apply for the defects without a delay after the time, when he was able to detect these defects with professional care.

Order cancellation

In the case of cancellation of already confirmed orders, the supplier is entitled to demand costs from the buyer associated with the commencement of production which can be up to 80% of the total price of the ordered goods, minimally 25% from the total cost of the ordered goods.

Goods reclamation

Goods can be reclaimed only in their original packaging, with no damage caused by the buyer. Reclamation must be submitted in a written form. The procession of such reclamation will be done in the shortest time possible. Prípadná reklamácia tovaru nemá vplyv na povinnosť kupujúceho zaplatiť kúpnu cenu. Possible reclamation of goods has no effect on the buyer’s obligation to pay the purchase price.

The seller is not responsible for damage resulting from improper usage or storing of the goods delivered. It is not possible to reclaim goods with printing in case it was possible to detect defects prior to the start of applying printing via one of the chosen techniques (e.g. testing functionality, damaged surface, etc.).

Liability relationship between the parties will be governed by the Commercial Code, in the event of a dispute, it will be settled in a court where the seller’s office is located.

Intellectual property

  1. the supplier is not liable for any damages caused by third parties due to design or registered trademarks (®, ™, a pod.), used during the production of the products
  2. the suppler has the right to retain a small amount of produced products for later use, such as for a commercial sample (in catalogs, websites, etc.)


Personal data and other confidential information provided by the buyer to the vendor via an e-mail or other means serves solely to provide particular services and won’t be provided to third parties. The supplier will use this information for its own needs.

Final provisions

By ordering the goods or services, the ordering party hereby agrees that he has read these business conditions, understands its content and that the content of the conditions corresponds to his/her free will, thus accepting them. Legal relations, not governed by these conditions are governed by the provisions of the Civil and Commercial Code of the Slovak Republic. These General business conditions are in force until further commercial conditions are issued, while the supplier reserves the right to change these “Business conditions”.