Why eco bags?

#1: We recognize traditions for environmental protection

Remember when our grandmothers carried shopping in a plastic bag with a large supermarket logo printed on them? No, neither do we. 🙂

Back in the past, shopping was brought home in well-woven bags which were not only ecological, but were also durable.

Nowadays, in Slovakia, hundreds of thousands of plastic bags are being given away every single day. These bags represent significant and unnecessary burden for the environment.

#2: Cotton bags your customer won’t throw away for a long time after shopping

Our ecological bags are strong, durable and pleasant to touch. Bags made of quality European cotton will help your customers to see you as a modern company that cares about the environment. Buying them, you will also support European fabric producers and, of course, our everyday work as well.

 Cotton bags endure significantly more than their plastic counterparts, which means that they save not only the environment, but also your budget. After all, the longer your bags are in the sight of people, the better for you, is it not so? 🙂

#3: Your print on high quality ecological bags will help you with branding and the image of your company

You work hard on the good name of your company and you know that in business, even small details matter.

Probably all of us have already met useful promotional items for everyday use, such as promotional pens or mugs. We believe, that a cotton bag, which a customer will use to carry his bought goods, can fulfill this function of daily use without any problems.

In addition, cotton bags with your company‘s logo printed on them can become a great opportunity to improve the ‚eco‘ image of your company.

#4: A wide selection of various grammages and colors, thanks to which we will produce a bag based on your imagination

Our offer is wide, and so we can confidently say that we are capable of producing anything from the resources available to us. We will be happy to adapt to you in all ways, including bag dimensions.

With us, you can choose from up to 7 grammages of cotton in all basic colors. This way, you can choose the one your print will look the best on.

Tip for enthusiasts: If you love to let creativity loose, then you‘ll be happy to hear that with us, you can choose not only the color of the bag, but also the handles. Thanks to this, your bags will have a unique design which will match your logo and its colors. You can also choose custom bag sizes as well as length of the handles.

Note: It is best to combine colors that have the same or similar cotton grammage. Combination of 145 g cotton and 250 g canvas is not suitable. However, a combination of 260 and 280 g keper cotton is acceptable.

#5: Quality matters to us

Yes, our bags look good, but you will discover their true beauty when you touch them. We carefully choose cotton fabrics our customers fell in love with. We believe that you will love them too.

The quality of our fabrics cannot be compared to those of bags made in Asia. And when it comes to quality of the sewing… let‘s not even go there. 🙂


We believe that e-mails from our customers will tell you a lot more.

„The bags arrived today. They are great. We are happy. I believe that we can soon continue with our cooperation.“ –  mkn Ltd.

„High quality material, stunning colors and precisely sewn bags.“ igc.sk, Mgr. Adriana Valentová

„Ecological pouches and bags of the highest quality we have ever seen.“Hoffebelts.com, Peter Hoffelder